If you’ve had an old rust bucket standing in your yard for, who knows how long, years perhaps, then this is for you. Maybe previous attempts to find folks interested in your junk yielded absolutely nothing for you. But now there is this. It is no longer just a case of clearing away unwanted junk in your yard, it is all about the money. Rather than pay someone to tow away your old rust bucket, you can get an eager beaver fanatic of truly old cars that have long since seen its better days to come and fetch your undesirable ton of metal and get paid for it too.

If you have not spotted this dude online just yet, you too can put in your own ad to invite guys to come and tow my junk car for crying out loud. But if this is going to be too much work for you, all you need to do is look up those specialists in junk, cars in particular, if that scrap metal has got to go like yesterday. Why wait forever for someone to come forward at a snail’s pace to make a hash of a job when you can work with a specialist who has the tools and trucks of his own to tow away the old jalopy.

tow my junk car

And why do things for charity at much trouble to yourself when you can sit back on your porch and watch these dudes tow away your heap of junk. And when they are done, out come the wads of cash. Only it’s them paying it over to you, not the other way around, as would be the case normally. Don’t invite them in for a cuppa because they’re in a hurry. More junk to fetch, you see.